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"Diving Boynton Beach"
- Experience more colors, more life..more adventure!
Specializing in 40 to 90 foot deep sites and trips optimized for Advanced divers...One hour bottom time allowed per dive!
Splashdown - 38 foot custom dive boat 
- Roomy and comfortable inside
Lots of shade, drinks and snacks
Marina Bites Dive Bar & Cafe
-Lunch option for Apres Diving !
Nitrox or air, tanks and whatever you need. Please call ahead so we can have it ready for you.
90 foot deep "Fingers" side of reef.. Splashdown above..
-90 foot offshore side of reef( deep side) !
Crown on reeftop is 40 feet.

About Splashdown Dive Charters

The deck is wide and clear for you to easily move about.
And, with half of the deck covered by an extended hardtop,
you can be in the sun or the shade --- it's your choice.


Splashdown was made to be comfortable.

The feeling of being on a custom dive boat continues as you go below deck to the dry cabin area. Here you will find a clean and roomy marine head that even includes a hot water shower.


Splashdown is actually fast enough to pull water skiiers! We like to get to our dive sites quickly. If you are not in your wetsuit by the time weleave the inlet, we may be on site before you can get geared up :-).

Hour Long Dives

Most of our divers spend the majority of their time on the inshore ledges or reef crowns ( where turltes are found), meaning depths as deep as 55 or 60 feet, or as shallow as 37 to 40 feet. The reef crown is actually not that wide, so some divers will begin on the 90 foot deep offshore ledge--the Fingers...and then swim up onto the crown and across to the inshore ledge after 10 to 20 minutes at 90....Our divers are advanced, and they have an hour to do whatever profile they like :-)

Special Family Snorkel Trips

Particularly during Weekdays in summer, we have some amazing spots for your family! Call ahead, and we'll discuss the ages of the kids, ad where the best sites would be!

Stable boat in high seas

We are lucky to have lots of calm dive days, particularly in summer. If weather kicks up while we are out, Splashdown is a remarkably stable boat....and has even run many trips all the way to the Bahamas!.

Our divers are fun loving and friendly

After more than 20 years, Splashdown has a certain kind of diver it attracts. Happy people, social, sightseers and photographers.....People that enjoy other fun people. We don't cater to Instructors and students, as that can ruin the dive for our advanced divers.

No spearfishing. Lobster diving, absolutely :-)

Too many of our divers don't like to see someone "shooting Bambi"...so we don't allow it EXCEPT on trips ONLY for spearfisherman..

We have some amazing Freediving...but this needs to be planned for when the right divers are on the boat--divers that will drift dive comprably with the freedivers. Please call ahead for this!

Recipe for RELAXATION!

Whether you've traveled thousands of miles to dive with us, or your a local, our goal is to provide 5 Star Hospitality Service to you...So that every Dive Trip with us becomes a Dream Vacation.

Boynton Beach Highlights

Great Waterfront Restaurants in walking distance from Splashdown, as well as our own Dive Cafe.

Two Georges....Bananna Boat....Marina Bites....

4 and 5 Star Hotels on the beach, within minutes away...Economical and comfortable like Courtyard Marriots and Hamton Inn, also minutes away.

World class "Birding" close by....

Intercoastal cruises accessable for planned trips on Splashdown...as well as walking tours at places like Green Cay Wetlands and Wakodahatchee Wetlands Call us and ask about Birding tours and Audobon Society people in the area.

...Also...Huge Marine life you can see on a Splashdown Adventure Dive Trip !

Best viewed at Full Screen and at 1080p. This was a TV show on the BYL TV Network. Splashdown and Boynton are world famous for Goliath Groupers!